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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How much does entry cost?
Entry to the swimming pool is free for all campers of the transit campsite.
A guest card is available at the reception of the Camping des Pêches.

How far is the swimming pool?
From the reception of the transit campsite: just a 5-minute walk.

How does the swimming pool look like?
The public swimming pool Le Landeron is located on the shore of Lake Biennel, in a quiet and enchanting environment surrounded by greenery. Take advantage of the eight-lane Olympic pool, the 80 to 140-cm deep non-swimmer pool, the octagonal paddling pool (35 cm of water), and two water slides including a classic 67-meter slide.
There are plenty of lawns and recreation areas, whether you wich to sunbathe and work on your tan or to relax in the shade of birch trees. The restaurant La Lagune and its terraces are also awaiting you.
The swimming pool has several large beaches and it is fully integrated in the local architecture. Aquagym is available to everyone free of charge every morning at 9 am

Are swimming facilities supervised by a lifeguard?
Despite the presence of pool attendants, self-monitoring is the best way to avoid accidents. For safety reasons, children who cannot swim or who carry swinging wings must be accompanied at any time and remain constantly under close adult supervision at all swimming pools.

When is the swimming pool open?
From the second week of May to mid-September. In July and August, a pool attendant is present at certain times of the day.

Is the swimming pool heated?

The swimming pool is heated to a temperature of 22° C (71.6° F)..



How far is the beach?
It is a 5-minute walk away from the reception of the transit campsite. Campers have free entry to the public swimming pool.
The public beach of Le Landeron has been renovated completely in 2003. It has now regained its original, natural aspect and is appreciated by young bathers, who can play here on a sandy beach and in shallow waters.

How far is the village centre?
It is just 500 meters away (6 minutes on foot), via Rue Jolimont.

Is there a local convenience store?
Yes. It supplies essential goods and food, bread and small dishes.
In addition, of course, you will find all usual shops in the village center (just 500 meters away on foot).
The same is true for police, pharmacy, doctor's practice and post office.

How far is the train station?
7 minutes on foot (600 meters), via Rue Jolimont (see route).
CFF/SBB train station Le Landeron: see timetable

How far is the port / landing stage?
The nearby landing stage of Le Landeron is served by the Biel/Bienne and Neuchâtel-Morat boat lines.
7 minutes on foot (600 meters), via Rue du Port (see route).
Landing stage: Le Landeron
Bielersee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (BSG): see timetable
Navigation Lac de Neuchâtel et Morat (LNM): see timetable

How far is the skate park?
At the entrance of the campsite, the municipal skate park will delight a great many youngsters.

How far is the tennis court?
South of the campsite or at a 5-minute walk from the reception of the transit campsite, campers can practice tennis free of charge on Court 4 of the Tennis Club Le Landeron.

Please comply with the “Regulations for Vacationers & Campers” issued by the Tennis Club Le Landeron


Which household appliances are available in rented huts?
1 refrigerator, 1 microwave, 1 coffee machine, 1 electric heater

Are blankets and bedding included?
All rental huts are equipped with pillows (size ?? × ??)

Is linen changed every week?
Yes. On simple request at the reception.

Does tidying up and cleaning occur every week?
No. You must do cleaning, tidying up or cleansing by yourself. The complete inventory shall be checked out on the day of your departure.

Is it possible to rent beds or baby chairs?

Are rentals equipped with a television?
Yes, they are.

Do rental properties have an internet connection?
The residential camping area and a part of Campsite is equipped with free Wi-Fi.

How big is my camping pitch?
Approximately 80 m2. When making your reservation please indicate the size of your camping equipment.

Are all camping pitches shaded?
Yes, on our campsite all of the pitches are shaded.

How many amps does the power connection of the campsite have?
10 A (2200 W); Swiss or Euro sockets.
Power socket adapters are available on the campsite.

Can I park the car on my pitch?
Yes, in principle, you can, but it all depends on your rental property. Only a few tent sites have no direct car access.


Is there a laundry room?
Yes, as well as a tumble dryer.

What about hygiene and cleanliness?
Drinking water analyses as well as bathing, swimming pool and lake water inspections are carried out regularly.
The quality of the water is monitored constantly by the cantonal authority, through its Office for Consumption Matters and Veterinary Services(Service de la consommation et des affaires vétérinaires – SCAV).
Our qualified team cleans the sanitary facilities according to a suitable procedure.

Are minors also welcome?
No, unaccompanied minors are in principle not allowed to penetrate into the campsite. However, exceptions are possible after contact with the parents, as long as the minors’ parents do grant their permission.

Are groups accepted?

In general, we accept groups. Yet, it is strongly recommended to contact us before booking.


How can I book or make a reservation?
There are two possibilities:
The easiest way to book is either online or by telephone.

Can I book for less than a week?
Out of season and subject to availability, you can reserve a rental property for (at least) three nights.

What about the stay tax?
The stay tax amounts to CHF 3.20.- per night and pers.

Which means of payment do you accept?
We accept debit or credit cards, as well as cash.

Can I change my reservation?
But only under certain circumstances, depending on availability.
Please contact us. You may also use our registration/cancellation form, section “Online Booking”, or you may call us on +41 32 751 29 00, or register by e-mail: info@remove-this.camping-lelanderon.ch, or by fax: +41 32 886 48 61

At what times can you take or leave a rental property or a pitch?
The rental properties are available in the afternoon from 3 pm. Departures are to be registered at 10 pm. Pitches must be vacated by 11 am at the latest.

Can you arrive outside of the reception opening hours?

Are you allowed to leave outside of the reception opening hours?
For departures before reception opening hours, the following rules apply:
1. for camping pitches: just pay your outstanding bill the day before you leave.
2. for rental properties: since the condition of the inventory has yet to be controlled, we have the right to withhold your security deposit until we have checked that no damages have been caused. If everything is in order, you will get your deposit reimbursed after the inventory.

How can I register a delay?

You must report any delay by telephone (+41 32 751 29 00), by e-mail (info@remove-this.camping-lelanderon.ch) or by fax (+41 32 886 48 61).


Are water and electricity included in the price?
Drinking water is available at the wells.
However, you have to pay for the power supply.
If you need electricity, please make a request. You also need an extension cable so you can connect to the power network.
Of course, sanitary facilities as well as water facilities are freely accessible throughout the campsite.

Is there a way to evacuate waste water?
If you have a removable container, you can empty it into the utility sink installed for this purpose outside of the sanitary unit. An emptying facility is also available on the campsite.

May we mount a small tent next to our caravan?
Yes, if the rental conditions permit it and of your pitch size allows it.

Are barbecues permitted?
Only electric, gas or charcoal grills (or barbecues) with foot systems are allowed. Open fires are strictly prohibited.

Is a campsite map available?

Yes, but we cannot send it per post – format is too large. However, you will find a campsite map on our website.


What kind of sports facilities does the campsite have?
At your disposal are the public swimming pool (with two swimming pools and a paddling pool), two play areas for children, a volleyball field and several table tennis tables.


Can I receive visits?
Yes, visitors are welcome.
However, there are a few restrictions. A visitor is someone who visits you on the campsite for ashort period but who does not stay.
Visitors who have registered on the Camping des Pêches are under the responsibility of the campers they are visiting.


Under what conditions can you travel with a dog?
In the European Union, your dog must be registered with a microchip and have a passport with proof of a valid anti-rabies vaccination. Non-vaccinated dogs must have a certificate stating that they have never been kept in contact with wild animals since birth.

What rules of behaviour must be followed with a dog?
The Camping des Pêches is subject to the cantonal legislation of the canton of Neuchâtel. The following articles of law are applicable:

  • It is forbidden to allow a dog to stray.
  • Any person holding a dog must always be able to control it with the voice or with gestures. Otherwise, the dog must be kept on a leash.
  • Aggressive dogs must be kept on a leash or carry a muzzle.
  • During the rutting season, bitches must be either enclosed or kept on a leash.
  • If persistent dog barking disturbs the neighbourhood, the dog owner is requested to take the necessary measures to make his dog stop barking.
  • Any dog owner must make sure that his dog does not dirty public space. Otherwise, he will take all necessary measures to restore the cleanliness of the site.
  • No animal must be left on the pitch alone or unattended.

Doe theCamping des Pêches accept dogs?
Yes, but dogs must be kept on a leash.


Who is liable for damage or theft occurring on the campsite?
Neither the Camping des Pêches Le Landeron nor the Société de Développement du Landeron (SDL) is liable for any camping installations, equipment, vehicles or any other items which campers bring to the campsite, no matter how such properties are kept or whether or not they remain under their supervision.
The loss or theft of cash or values held or kept by campers shall be under no guarantee whatsoever.

Depending on the contracts you have concluded, either the insurance of your vehicle, your liability insurance, your travel insurance or your bankcard might have to pay compensation for the damage.